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At the proximity of 10km from the Villa, the city of Kavala is an amazing destination full of sights worth visiting. The peninsula of Kavala’s old town with the byzantine fortification and castle, is a must-see!
The ancient city of Filippoi is a perfect opportunity for sightseeing. The magnificent ancient theater, which dates back to 357 B.C., the Basilica and the ancient agora are some of the unique monuments of the area.
The byzantine monastery of Eikosifinissa, with its finest architecture, is located at the northern side of Paggaio Mountain, at an elevation of 753m. It’s a spiritual place at a magnificent location.
The ancient city of Amphipolis is located near the river Strymon and is well known for the large number of archaeological findings, such as the ancient city walls, variable buildings, tombs and the unique “Lion of Amphipolis” statue.
Near the ancient city of Filippoi, you can visit the monastery of St. Lydia, built in the memory of the first Christian in Europe.
The Paggaio mountain, approximately 40 km from Kavala, is quite a natural wonder and a place full of myths and history. Its highest elevation is at 1,956 m. Take the opportunity to explore the sight and admire the works of nature.
Cave of Alistrati
55 km from Kavala, in an area of 14,000 m² the Cave of Alistrati is a unique natural sightseeing. It is considered to be one of the largest and most beautiful caves in Greece.
The Gkiola is a uniquely beautiful, natural rocky pool. Its height reaches in some places 8 meters, of which the most courageous try to dive. A beach of great beauty to visit, the route of which, however, is difficult and requires a lot of walking.
Mud Bath
Krinides Mud Baths are located 18 km from Kavala. The therapeutic properties of mud are well known in the area since the ancient Greek and Roman period. We suggest you to give it a try!
Luminous villa
Swimming & Scuba diving
The combination of golden beaches and crystal blue sea waters of Kavala’s bay create a unique summer scenery for swimming and scuba diving, considering the numerous beaches across the coast line. Moreover, Luminous Villa is located literally just a few steps from the seaside, where you can find private umbrellas and sunbeds to enjoy the sun and the sea.
Being fond of sailing, don’t forget our special extra service of daily yacht excursions. You can take short sailing trips in the bay of N. Iraklitsa and marvel at the islets Fidonisi and Arethousa, the majestic and steep cliffs Kokkina Vrachia, and the cave Fokiotrypa with stalactites and stalagmites or sail around the island of Thasos.
Cultural events
During the summer, there are many festivals and events taking place in the area, such as: The Philippi Drama Festival, at the ancient theater of Philippi (approximately 15km from Kavala) with a more than 50 years history; Kavala AirSea Show, with international delegations; Cosmopolis Festival, a multi-themed festival with cultures from all around the world; and many more!
The whole local area of Kavala is full of ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine monuments worth to pay a visit and admire their history. The Old City of Kavala and the Castle, the byzantine aqueduct, the ancient city of Filippoi and many more places are here to be explored!
Night life & Shopping
The picturesque resorts of N. Iraklitsa and N. Peramos, and the city of Kavala are definitely hot spots, considering night life, clubbing and shopping. Seize the opportunity to combine your holidays with shopping and enjoy the pleasure!
Mountain hiking & Climbing
The green mountains surrounding this charming seaside resort are ideal for a wide variety of activities, such as mountain hiking and climbing. Please, don’t forget our special extra service of a personal guide and enjoy your excursions!
Luminous villa
Nea Iraklitsa
A few steps away, the organized and blue flag awarded main beach “Nea Iraklitsa” has plenty of beach bars, volleyball courts, 5x5 soccer fields and a sailing club.
The blue flag awarded beach of Ammolofoi, at about 1 km from the Villa, is surrounded by one of the most beautiful and exotic landscapes in Greece. There is also a large number of beach bars, where the bathers can enjoy their coffee or drinks.
2 km from the Villa, the seaside resort of Palio provides you with many options. The large number of small beaches combined with local taverns and cafés is a wonderful destination.
Tosca beach is located at about 5 km from the Villa. It has been awarded with the blue flag for its clear water and its well-organized facilities.
The organized beach of Batis, at about 6 km from the Villa, provides you with many opportunities, taking into consideration the Batis Multiplex and its facilities.
Kalamitsa is an organized beach of Kavala’s municipality and it’s located on the west entrance of the city. It is awarded with the blue flag and accommodates a large number of bathers during the summer months.
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