Luxury holidays, dressed in light
Luminous Villa
Luminous Villa is totally dedicated to offer you the highest quality of services, in order to support and create the best frame for your brightest vacation! The design and the style of its spaces is not just a decorative or an aesthetic asset, but a practical factor to let you enjoy every single moment.
And it’s not just the free WiFi, the Air-condition and the satellite TV in every bedroom, or the fully equipped kitchen and barbecue, it is the whole package of the offered services and the exceptionally convenient facilities of the Villa that make the difference in your holiday.
Even better with prior notice for your preferences, Luminous Villa provides you with:
Massage therapies
Decreases stress level, relaxes the spirit and lets you enjoy bright experiences during your holiday.
Personal training
Spirit and body in perfect coordination, with all the technical and motivational support you need to stay committed.
Yoga sessions
Lift your spirit to a higher state and let this absolute combination of exercise and meditation add its quality in your day.
Maid services
Our staff is willing to ensure your trouble-free holidays; thus, we provide total cleaning services and change of linen and towels, twice a week. But, again, with prior notice we can offer this service at the frequency of your preference.
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